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Childminder care sessions are dynamic and engaging, typically involving educational activities, playtime, and personal care routines. Each session is tailored to the child’s interests and needs, ensuring a balanced and enriching experience.

Care session starts at PHP 399/hour

Inna Circle care assures fun while learning and safety in every minute with every child per session.

₱399 ₱300/hour

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For a precise quotation, please detail your child’s age, preferred schedule, specific needs, and any special instructions. This helps Inna Circle provide an accurate estimate and ensures a seamless childminding experience.

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Client Testimonials

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CM CJ has set the bar high in terms of interaction. She came prepared and even brought her own materials, for the activities she planned to do with my LO. My son loved his time with her. She was free-spirited, and had high energy during the session, which matched my son's energy! So overall, would 100% recommend CM CJ.
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Meg exceeded our expectations for our first Inna Circle booking. We scheduled just 24 hours before our need, and she was able to apply the tips and notes I sent her effectively. She took care of 2 high-spirited preschoolers during a playdate. While we, parents, were able to chat leisurely, Meg took charge of the kids who were having fun as well. As kids, there were a bit squabbling, but Meg was also able to handle the situation well enough that they continued to play again soon after. Kudos to Meg who really tried her best to keep the children preoccupied to give the parents some space to chat and enjoy the playdate as well!
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Divine had magic to engaged both my kids during her stay with us in the many activities she prepared. She was able to keep both my sons entertained with origami, lego making, and arts and crafts. My only regret was booking just for 3 hours. 🙂
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We are so happy with Teacher Yuby (Ruby Lyn)! She came in early to get to know my son before my husband and I leave him. She could easily converse with my toddler and it was so easy for my son to warm up to her. When I got home, my son was so excited to show me the finished product of his activity with Teacher Yuby! I am happy that I found someone we can trust to be with our son.
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Our 2nd day with Childminder Angel was really great. She was on time and well-prepared. She made sure I am updated of my kid’s activities since I was not at home that time. In that 8-hr session, Angel maximized their time by doing my kid’s routine that I requested her to do. She even involved my older son in their activities. Keep it up!
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Kids were immediately drawn to Marlin as she prepared around our kid's interests. She had first clarified the activities in the morning and had followed their interests. Kids had fun with Teacher Marlin indoors and as well as their trip to the playground. Thanks Teacher Marlin and we hope you had a rewarding career in early childhood development!
Mary Jeanne
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Ate Fatima is amazing 🙂 She took care of our son, played with him and taught him nursery rhymes. She also helped me take care of my 5 month old baby. We booked her for 3 days and it was the best decision we made. We will definitely book her again next time.
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I am very thankful for Divine! She has been a blessing to my family as she helps a working mom like me fulfill some of the tasks that I can’t do because of my busy work schedule. With her help my kids have been completing their homeworks. Above all her love and care is evident in how she handles the sessions with my children that they have grown to love her.
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Ate Roanne gave us a great 1st Innacircle experience which made us decide to book again for the following week. Our baby girl is shy to new people but Ate Roanne was a natural and was able to get Luna to trust her before the 4 hours ended. She was confident and supportive of us and Luna and we already trusted her to bring our baby outside to play. Our experience with her showed how apt the term "childminder" is for them since she showed genuine concern for the growth and development of our baby girl.

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