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What We Offer?

Online Matching Platform

Access to our web application where childminders can build their profile and get bookings for hourly-based childminding services.

Childminder Membership

Membership program  for community of like-minded professionals, who share the same passion in child engagements and looking for flexible career development opportunities.

How does the Matching
Platform Work?

Be Available

Parents will enter their preferred date and time for a childminding session, and the webapp will display all available childminders. If your calendar is open on the indicated schedule, parents can view your profile and you will have a chance to get a booking.

Receive Booking

If a parent books you, you will be notified and provided  with all the necessary information to help you prepare for the care session. This may include health information and the interests of the kids you will be caring for.

Care Session

Arrive on time, be your best self, and aim to provide an engaging childminding session with your client.

Earn Money

You will receive payment within 24-48 hours after each care session.

What are the Membership Benefits?


Work when you want to, as much as you want to. Share your availability with moms and book shifts that fit your schedule.

Competitive Pay

We believe in supporting all women. You can expect a reasonable hourly rate with opportunities to increase your earnings.


High standards are our top priority.
With Inna Circle you can increase your professional skills in child care basics like first aid, child development, and learning-play methods

How to Be A Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions, ensuring clarity and confidence in our service.

Is this home service or in a daycare center?

We recommend all care sessions to be done in the clients home or in a safe location for both childminder and children.

Clients will pay you a fixed rate of PHP 150.00 for transportation allowance. Childminder can select their coverage areas to ensure they get bookings close to their location or with less travel time.

No. All childminders are independent contractors and have no employee-employer relationship with Inna Circle.

Self-employed professionals who work independently as childminders. Inna Circle do not control how will you perform your childminding services to your clients, but we can support you by providing access to reference materials that can help you be at your best during each care session.

Through Inna Circle platform, clients can select who will be their preferred childminders based on given profiles, background and reviews from previous clients. On the other hand, childminders will have the option to accept or reject each booking.

Yes. As an independent contractor, you can only accept bookings based on your availability. You just need to make sure your calendar, which is tied to our webapp, is always updated.

We need to validate your identity and check if all the information you provided are correct. In this way, you can also build trust and provide assurance to your clients that their kids are safe under your care.

Childminder recommended hourly minimum rate is at PHP 250 per hour for 1 child and will increase with 2 children.