How To Make the Most of Support Group for Single Parents

May 30, 2024 | 5 min. read
How To Make the Most of Support Group for Single Parents

In the Philippines, around 14 million single parents are raising children while juggling parenting with work, managing finances, and doing daily household chores.

These piled up responsibilities lead many single parents to face isolation and financial difficulties, which can take a toll on their emotional and mental being.

That’s why single parent support groups are crucial. They provide essential resources, guidance, and a sense of belongingness due to the shared experiences of single parenthood.

If you’re a single parent seeking guidance and connection, we’re here to help you. 

In this article, we’ll explore simple strategies to help you maximize the benefits of support groups and single-parent programs you need to know. Together, let’s harness the power of community for your single parenting journey.

How to Make the Most Out of Support Groups

Parent support groups are communities where caregivers come together to share experiences, give advice, and offer emotional help. Here’s how you can make the most out of your support group:

Engage Actively 

Participate regularly and join discussions in your support group. Share experiences, offer advice, and support others to build connections. Your involvement not only helps you but also strengthens the group, making it a supportive place for everyone. 

Embrace Diverse Parenting Stories

Embracing diverse parenting stories means welcoming and valuing the unique experiences of other parents. It opens you up to learning from different approaches, enriching your journey with new insights. By embracing diversity in parenting, you gain new understandings that can help you navigate the challenges and joys of raising children.

Maximize Group Resources

Make the most of group resources by checking out tools, workshops, and advice. Stay engaged by asking questions and seeking help. Try also using online forums to connect with other parents. These resources empower you with valuable skills and knowledge, making your parenting journey easier and more fulfilling.

Give and Take

In  single parents association, “give and take” means supporting others while being open to receiving support. Share your experiences, offer advice, and listen to fellow parents, gaining wisdom and encouragement in return. Remember, the more you give, the more you receive, fostering a culture of mutual help and encouragement among members.

Single-Parent Programs That You Can Consider

Single-parent programs give you access to helpful resources like health programs, financial aid, and education support. Here are programs you need to know in the Philippines:

National Health Insurance Program

As a single parent, you’re automatically enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program under the Expanded Solo Parent Welfare Act. The Department of Health (DOH) offers health programs for solo parents at nationwide health centers, covering check-ups, medical procedures, and medication costs.

Cash Assistance for Single Parents

You may qualify for Cash Assistance for Single Parents, a Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) program offering monthly grants to solo parents with dependent children. If you’re a solo parent earning minimum wage or less, you could receive a ₱1,000 monthly subsidy, discounts, and seven days of parental leave. Try contacting your local DSWD or Barangay office to apply for this program.

Scholarship Programs

Education is crucial for you and your children, offering growth and stability opportunities. Government scholarships from DepEd and CHED allow parents and children to pursue higher education, improving job prospects and opening doors to better opportunities. They provide a pathway to economic stability and a brighter future for the family.

Skills Training Programs

Skills training programs allow solo parents to improve their skills and earn income. For instance, DSWD’s Sustainable Livelihood Program helps single parents gain income-generating skills for self-reliance and financial stability. City governments like The City Government of Malaybalay offer training sessions, such as cookery skills training, providing resources like starter kits and electric ovens to support income generation.   

Single Parent Support Group FAQs

How do I start a single-parent support group?

To start a single-parent support group, gather interested individuals from your community or online. Then, organize an initial meeting to discuss common challenges and ways to provide support.

How can single parents be supported?

You can be supported through emotional assistance, practical help with childcare and household tasks, and access to resources like financial aid. You can also gain opportunities for social connection with other single parents.

What is the greatest challenge for single parents?

As a single parent, you manage numerous responsibilities like childcare, work, and finances independently, often without enough support. Handling these tasks alone can feel overwhelming and isolating, especially when dealing with conflicts with ex-partners over custody and finances.

What are the solutions to single parenting?

Make sure to build strong support networks with friends, family, and community resources. Also, learn to develop good time management skills to juggle your responsibilities and remember to prioritize self-care for your well-being. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you’re feeling overwhelmed—it can provide valuable support and guidance along your parenting journey.

Navigate Parenthood Together with Inna Circle

Navigating single parenthood becomes more manageable with a supportive community that understands your experiences. Support groups for single parents offer not just a listening ear but a sanctuary of understanding and practical advice. By embracing these groups, you can thrive, not just survive, as a single parent.

In the spirit of embracing support, Inna Circle stands out as a beacon of hope and assistance, particularly through their childminding services. These services are thoughtfully designed to alleviate the pressures of childcare, offering working moms the peace of mind that their children are in safe, nurturing hands. This is just one facet of the holistic support Inna Circle provides to empower single parents and their families to flourish together.

If you have more questions and concerns, reach out to us at for support and guidance on your parenting journey.

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