DIY Art Activities for Toddlers

May 21, 2024 | 7 min. read
DIY Art Activities for Toddlers

Unleashing creativity within your toddlers can be a delightful journey, and what better way to start than with engaging DIY art activities? Our little ones have an incredible imagination just waiting to be expressed through colors, shapes, and textures. This blog post is brimming with easy and interactive arts and crafts ideas that not only nurture your toddler’s artistic side but also enhance their motor skills, concentration, and love for learning. From paint-dabbing to homemade craft creations, these activities are the perfect blend of fun and development, setting the stage for countless hours of artistic exploration. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare for a colorful adventure in the comfort of your own home!

Crafts for Kids to Make

Engaging toddlers in DIY art activities is a wonderful way to stimulate their creativity and developmental skills. Here are several ideas that are safe, fun, and perfect for little hands:

Nature-Themed Crafts

Flower Sun Catchers

Venture outdoors to pick flowers of different colors and shapes. Back inside, cut two circles (or other shapes) from clear contact paper, lay the flowers onto the sticky side of one piece, and then place the other piece on top, sticky side down. Press around the edges to seal, trim any excess, and hang in a sunny spot with string. The result is a radiant display of nature’s colors brightening their room.

Pine Cone Birds

This craft encourages kids to use their imagination and some basic crafting materials to create their bird friends. By gluing colorful felt cut-outs as feathers, crafting beaks, and sticking on googly eyes, pine cones are easily turned into friendly creatures. Children can also add string to hang their creations as a mobile, integrating a piece of nature into their home decor.

Stick Rafts

This craft is both an artistic endeavor and a science experiment. Children will use sticks gathered from the yard or a park, aligning them side by side and using twine to tie them together at both ends, creating a raft base. They can add a leaf or twig mast, maybe even a flag. The real fun begins when they place their rafts in water during bath time and learn about concepts like buoyancy and water currents.

Recycled Material Crafts

Newspaper Collage

Children can cut or tear newspapers into various shapes, arranging them on a canvas or heavy paper to create landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, or abstract art. This activity is not only environmentally friendly but also boosts their imagination, helps with shape recognition, and enhances motor skills. Plus, using a common item in an uncommon way encourages innovative thinking.

Cardboard Box Cars

Large cardboard boxes morph into a fleet of cars, trucks, or spacecraft, fueled by imagination. With doors and windows cut out, children can add paper plate wheels, use paint or markers to add racing stripes or space themes, and create license plates with their names. Not just a craft, these creations become toys that extend into countless hours of imaginative play, building stories and adventures in their living room raceways or space missions.

Tin Can Drums

After ensuring no sharp edges remain, children can cover the cans with balloons or fabric, securing them with rubber bands, to create the drum’s head. Then, they can decorate the sides with paint, paper, or stickers. Using wooden spoons or their hands to drum, kids can explore different sounds based on how tight the ‘drum skin’ is and the size of the can, learning about sound, tension, and rhythm.

Holiday Crafts

Paper Plate Easter Baskets

These easy and fun baskets are perfect for tiny hands and can be used for pretend play or even a real Easter egg hunt. Children fold a paper plate in half and cut out a handle shape, decorating the plate with paint, markers, or stickers to resemble a basket. Attaching the handle with staples or tape, they now have a personalized basket for their Easter adventures. This craft is excellent for hand-eye coordination and encourages creativity as they conceptualize their basket designs.

4th of July Fireworks Painting

Celebrate Independence Day with a craft that’s as exciting as the fireworks show. Children cut slits into the end of a toilet paper roll to create a fringe effect, dip it in red, white, or blue acrylic paint, and stamp onto paper to mimic fireworks. This activity allows kids to celebrate the holiday through art, enhancing their understanding of patterns, symmetry, and color blending, all while acknowledging the significance of the 4th of July.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Using clay, children can cut out shapes, bake them (with adult supervision), and then paint them, or they might use cookie cutters on dough, adding a hole at the top before baking for a ribbon to hang. These ornaments can be a yearly reminder of childhood Christmases, holding memories as well as encouraging creativity, three-dimensional thinking, and fine motor development through the rolling, cutting, and decorating processes.

Wall Art Crafts

Handprint Canvas Painting

Children paint their hands or feet and press them onto a canvas or durable paper, leaving a print. They can turn these prints into animals, trees, or leave them as-is for a modern look. Especially for young children, this tactile activity is fun and directly involves them in the creative process, developing sensory awareness and boosting their emotional connection to the art they create.

String Art

This craft is excellent for older kids and helps develop fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration. Using a wooden board or a thick piece of cork, kids create outlines of shapes or letters with nails (under adult supervision), then loop string or yarn around them in interesting patterns. The intricate nature of this craft requires focus and precision, and the completed piece – whether it’s their name, a favorite shape, or an abstract design – is a proud display of effort and artistry.

Washi Tape Mural

Unleash creativity on the walls without the mess of paint. Children use Washi tape, a colorful and removable tape, to create large-scale wall art. From geometric patterns, city skylines, to creatures or flowers, they can bring their imagination to life. This activity encourages spatial reasoning, planning, and gives a sense of accomplishment as they contribute to the home’s decor in a temporary and damage-free way.

DIY Accessories

Beaded Necklaces

Crafting jewelry like beaded necklaces engages fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and design skills. Children thread beads onto string or yarn, creating patterns or random designs. This activity can be tailored to various holidays or themes, and the finished products can be worn, given as gifts, or even sold at local fairs or to friends, teaching entrepreneurship alongside art.

Cloth Bandanas

Whether for a pet or themselves, kids can transform a plain bandana into a personalized accessory. Using fabric paints, stamps, or tie-dying, they create wearable art. This activity encourages design thinking, color theory, and can be a group activity, promoting social interaction and the sharing of design ideas.

Paper Hats

From crowns to pirate hats, this versatile craft initiates role-playing, creativity, and construction skills. Using construction paper, children cut, shape, and decorate their hats with feathers, sequins, and markers. This activity is fantastic for themed parties, encouraging imaginative play, and understanding three-dimensional shapes, providing both an artistic and cognitive challenge.

Join the Circle of Creative Growth

Engaging toddlers in DIY art activities is more than just a way to keep them occupied. It’s a pathway to enhancing their developmental skills, sparking creativity, and strengthening the bond they share with you. As each day is ripe with potential for growth, exploration, and learning, why not make the journey smoother and more enjoyable with the right support?

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